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Arizona Living and Arizona Living Your Style showcase the latest Southwest lifestyle trends.

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Host: Danielle Lerner

Arizona Living
  • Visiting The Crayola Experience In Chandler | Arizona Living

    Episode 212

    We head to the Crayola Experience in Chandler to explore their exciting summer events. We also introduce you to a school teaching character, as well as showcase Changing Hands Bookstore celebrating 50 years.

  • Tucson Botanical Gardens + Designing for Taurus | AZ Living

    Episode 210

    AZ Living heads south to the Tucson Botanical Gardens to explore their new exhibits. We show you how to have the luxuries of a home without a mortgage, showcase a female trailblazer in our Arizona Legacy series and how to design for the sign of Taurus.

  • Arizona Living Welcomes Barbie! | AZ Living

    Episode 208

    The Barbie phenomenon continues as we head to the new Barbie: A Cultural Icon exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. We visit the latest production at the Arizona Opera, get a sweet treat at the Sugar Bowl and design advice from American Furniture Warehouse.

  • Celebrating Women's History Month with Mayor Gallego | AZ Living

    Episode 203

    It’s national women’s history month so we’re sitting down with Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego to talk about life and politics. We celebrate 95 years of the Orpheum Theatre, furnace maintenance tips and designing for your zodiac sign.

  • A Chat with Mayor Gallego, Heart Health & Home Harmony | AZ Living

    Episode 202

    It’s national heart month so we’re heading to HonorHealth to talk about ways to maintain a healthy heart. We sit down with Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego to discuss her accomplishments in office, get advice on financial investing and how to design your home for your zodiac sign.

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  • Chicken N Pickle In Glendale | AZ Living

    Episode 201

    We kick off the new year with a trip to a new entertainment venue in Glendale - Chicken N Pickle. We visit a unique art gallery, highlight a family carrying on a 100-year tradition, and design advice from American Furniture Warehouse.

    Host: Danielle Lerner