5 Seasons

Driven highlights the American love affair with cars, the open road, plus practical tips about car buying and maintenance.

  • Driven - It's Vegas Baby!

    Episode 1

    It's Vegas Baby! We go future shock at CES - the biggest tech show on the planet.
    Can a driverless car handle the streets of Sin City, and will drivers be able to let AI take the wheel?
    Finally, take a Great American Drive down the vegas strip with these classic cars.

  • Driven - Supercars and the World's Greatest Collector Car Auction

    Episode 2

    We go back to school - to get schooled in the art of driving a supercar! Plus a behind the scenes look at Motor Trend's coverage of Barrett Jackson, the world's greatest collector car auction.

  • Driven - Fast Cars and Checkered Flags

    Episode 3

    Find out what it takes to get a car up to speed for a National Auto Sport Association (NASA) race at Nola Motorsports Park - and how you can rent your own pit crew. Plus, we'll take you to a magical place where hot rods are reborn.

  • Driven - All About the Porsche

    Episode 4

    A look at the restoration, racing history, and performance of the legendary Porsche.

    Go behind the scenes with CPR Classic Restoration in Southern California, who specializes in restoring Porsches of all conditions.

    Meet driving legend Alan Johnson as he reminisces about Porsche's storied rac...

  • Driven - Letting the Good Times Roll at Mardi Gras

    Episode 5

    Take a road trip to New Orleans for the annual Mardi Gras Carnival celebration, and find out how they track all those Mardi Gras parades in real-time.

    Then we go back on the road to Rhode Island and Nebraska and get a "hoods up" look at two of the best car museums in the country.

  • Driven - California Dreamin' and Corvette Summers

    Episode 6

    Not actually a "Corvette Summer" but close enough - we'll visit the Corvette Owners Club of San Diego for a road rally far off the beaten path.

    Then Tom tests his driving skills at K1 Speed in San Diego.

    Motor Trend's Rick DeBruhl takes a Great American Drive through the towns of Wickenburg, P...

  • Driven - Road Rage Rally and New England Racing Heritage

    Episode 7

    Ride along in the inaugural "Road Rage Rally", where the cars actually leave the parking lot, and the families are as important as the cars.

    A visit to the North East Motor Sports Museum in New Hampshire, started by legendary pit reporter Dick Berggren. The museum features everything from clas...

  • Driven - Classic Woodies and Endless Summers

    Episode 8

    We cruise to California and visit with Ron Heiden who keeps old woodies on the road and helps to make summers endless.

    Paul Jr. from American Chopper creates a car that you can really dig.

    The Great American Drive takes us to Sedona, Arizona. Drive Correspondent Rick DeBruhl travels to the red...