5 Seasons

Driven highlights the American love affair with cars, the open road, plus practical tips about car buying and maintenance.

  • Driven - Howie DiSavino III Living the Dream

    Episode 1

    We have your pit pass to a homecoming like no other. Meet 20-year-old Howie DiSavino III, whose NASCAR dreams come alive at his hometown track, Richmond Raceway.

    You’ll discover it takes more than speed to become a NASCAR driver – it also takes a lot of teamwork. Check out Howie’s story on this ...

  • Driven - Restoring the Classics and the American Speedster

    Discover how Blackwell Classics puts memories back on the road. Then a road trip to Nebraska for a reunion of the original hot rods – the American Speedster.

    Discover a completely different way to relive stress and anxiety. Hint – it involves a car and a sledgehammer! All that plus the legend of...

  • Part 1: A Driven Special - Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

    Part 1: From the Missouri-Kansas border to the remarkable roadside attractions of Oklahoma, it’s a Great American Drive along America’s Main Street.

  • Part 2: A Driven Special - Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

    Episode 4

    Part 2: From Tulsa to Glen Rio, Texas, this Great American Drive takes host Tom Gregory through the legendary land of giants and ghosts. Get lost in the adventure!

  • Driven - The Return of Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week

    Episode 5

    After a year’s absence, automotive history and sport returned to their American home, Newport, Rhode Island.

    The Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week returned in 2021 and Driven’s Tom Gregory had an all-access pass. More than just preserving history, this special event is making history.

  • Driven - Chasing Down the World’s Most Famous Storm Chaser

    Episode 6

    The infamous “Twister” Truck is still cruising around Tornado Alley and ready for some movie magic thanks to Tim’s Body Worx in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

    Plus, the family that races on short track ovals stays together – that’s the story of Rose’s Racing.

    And we ride shotgun in a ’68 Skylark rescued fr...

  • Driven - Main Street America Car Show and Adventures in Alternative Rides

    Episode 7

    The Main Street America car show returns to San Diego and begins Driven’s adventure in alternative rides, including cruising in an all-electric Mini-Moke and a three-wheeled Slingshot.

    Plus, a 1952 Ford F2 pickup truck delivers the best views of California’s beach city.

  • Driven - Righteous Rides, Extreme Off-Road Adventures & Classic Machines

    Episode 8

    Bounce with Southern California low-riders and discover an authentic car culture.

    Then experience the most fun you can have at 4 mph as we go rock climbing for an extreme off-roading high.

    Plus, hoop dreams and classic machines – riding shotgun with basketball guru Rod Thompson and his GM colle...