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Driven highlights the American love affair with cars, the open road, plus practical tips about car buying and maintenance.

  • Driven: Audrain Motorsport Grand Ole Nashville Tour

    Episode 12

    Along country backroads and scenic byways, it is a road trip made for the driving enthusiasts and the cars they love.

    Host Tom Gregory joins Audrain Motorsports for The Grand Ole Nashville Tour, where the adventure doesn’t end when the cars stop. Music City's epic sights and sounds provide a "...

  • Driven: Hot Rod Heaven at SEMA Show in Las Vegas

    Episode 11

    The Las Vegas’ annual SEMA Show has everything you can think of in the automotive world, and Driven is bringing that world to you! Hot rods, muscle cars, and unbelievable builds abound.

    Driven looks inside the SEMA Battle of Builders, where builders can prove that they are among the best in ...

  • Driven: Dreams and Racing in Las Vegas

    Episode 10

    Life moves fast in Las Vegas, and nothing moves faster than Dream Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

    It's an adrenalin rush as host Tom Gregory gets the full speedway experience behind the wheel of the Porsche 992 GT3, Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica, and Ferrari 488 GT Race Car on the only sanct...

  • Driven: Every Car Has a Story

    Episode 9

    Every car has a story, and host Tom Gregory proves it with a visit to a Bronco "Round-Up," where he discovers a true Ford family and the sweetness of Louisiana's Iberia Parish.

  • Driven: Don't Let the VW Bug Bite

    More than just an air-cooled VW car club, the Panhandlers are a classic story of family, fun, and fixing up vintage bugs and buses. Plus the story of an imported, right-hand drive Nissan Skyline.

  • Driven: A Behind the Scene look at "The 1" Curtiss Electronic Motorcycle

    Episode 7

    As electronic motorcycles continue to make inroads, Driven gets a behind the scene look at "The 1" by Curtiss Motorcycle Co.

    This hand-built bespoke bike is described as "rolling artwork," and its function-follows-form design is considered revolutionary.

    And still, they let Driven's host Tom...

  • Driven: The Museum Where Everything on Wheels Comes to Life (Free to Watch)

    Free to Watch: One of the world's most car-centric cities is home to one of the world's largest automotive museums, The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Host Tom Gregory spends a day at the museum where everything on wheels comes to life.

    Tom also visits a collection of museum-qualit...

  • Part 5: Driven - Arizona & California Kicks on the Mother Road

    Episode 5

    Part 5: Driven's road trip on the Mother Road ends as host Tom Gregory drives through Arizona and then to California. Featuring hot rods, wild donkeys, and two roller coaster rides--one on an actual rollercoaster.

  • Part 4: Driven - Route 66, Song of Arizona

    Episode 4

    Part 4: Our epic road trip on Route 66 continues as host Tom Gregory journeys through Arizona. The truth about a legendary song about Winslow AZ and the latest attractions on Mother Road are some of the show's highlights.

    This is Part 2 of this multi-part Driven Special.

  • Part 3: Driven - Route 66, A Hundred Years of Nostalgia

    Episode 3

    Part 3: Route 66 is more than asphalt and cement; it is a hundred years of nostalgia. Host Tom Gregory returns to America's Main Street and heads west, through New Mexico and on his way to Arizona, proving that the spirit of the Mother Road is alive and kicking.

  • Driven: Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride (Watch Free)

    Episode 2

    Watch Free: From Newport Beach California to Newport, Rhode Island, Driven gets Distinguished--as Tom Gregory takes part in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

  • Driven: Back to the Future (Season 4 Premiere - Watch FREE!)

    Episode 1

    Watch Free: This week on Driven, we go back to the future to see how cars from the '80s, '90s, and 2000s are getting some serious love.

    And we discover how Tom Blackwell's boyhood dream of restoring classics is bringing others' dream cars to life!

    Plus, host Tom Gregory goes riding in a 1958...