5 Seasons

Driven highlights the American love affair with cars, the open road, plus practical tips about car buying and maintenance.

  • Part 1: A Driven Special - Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

    Episode 1

    Part 1: From the Missouri-Kansas border to the remarkable roadside attractions of Oklahoma, it’s a Great American Drive along America’s Main Street.

  • Part 2: A Driven Special - Getting Our Kicks on Route 66

    Episode 2

    Part 2: From Tulsa to Glen Rio, Texas, this Great American Drive takes host Tom Gregory through the legendary land of giants and ghosts. Get lost in the adventure!

  • Part 3: Driven - Route 66, A Hundred Years of Nostalgia

    Episode 3

    Part 3: Route 66 is more than asphalt and cement; it is a hundred years of nostalgia. Host Tom Gregory returns to America's Main Street and heads west, through New Mexico and on his way to Arizona, proving that the spirit of the Mother Road is alive and kicking.

  • Part 4: Driven - Route 66, Song of Arizona

    Episode 4

    Part 4: Our epic road trip on Route 66 continues as host Tom Gregory journeys through Arizona. The truth about a legendary song about Winslow AZ and the latest attractions on Mother Road are some of the show's highlights.

    This is Part 2 of this multi-part Driven Special.

  • Part 5: Driven - Arizona & California Kicks on the Mother Road

    Episode 5

    Part 5: Driven's road trip on the Mother Road ends as host Tom Gregory drives through Arizona and then to California. Featuring hot rods, wild donkeys, and two roller coaster rides--one on an actual rollercoaster.