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Main streets are the heart of our communities, where we connect with our neighbors, support local businesses, and share new adventures. Main St. Living celebrates all of this. Bringing you uplifting stories - from our street to your street. We’ll highlight “good news” stories and helpful tips from guests in local communities and around the country.

Hosts: Danielle Alvari, Quincy Carr, Cheryl Nelson, Tom Gregory, Brandi Paul, Valerie Tutson

Main St. Living
  • Celebrating Pride Month | Main St. Living

    Episode 177

    June is Pride Month, and Main St. Living is celebrating. Jen LaBarbera, Interim Co-Executive Director of San Diego Pride joins the show to discuss all the festivities in Southern California before Hampton Roads Pride President Jeff Ryder discusses Pride Weekend on the Virginia coast. We also look...

  • San Diego County Fair, Barbershop Dreams, & 5-Second Rule Game | Main St. Living

    Episode 176

    The San Diego County Fair runs from June 12th to July 7th, and Luis Valdivia joins us to discuss all of the fun experiences on tap for this year. Quincy Carr goes back to his barber school roots to reminisce, before he plays the 5-second rule game with Cheryl Nelson.

  • Newport Polo & Hurricane Hunters | Main St. Living

    Episode 175

    Newport Polo is ready for another exciting season, and Founder and President Dan Keating joins Main St. Living to discuss the atmosphere families can experience each summer. Also, Cheryl Nelson tours a Hurricane Hunter Plane and talks with NOAA National Hurricane Center Director Michael Brennan, ...

  • NFL Draft, Basketball Tips & Tricks, and Family Services | Main St. Living

    Episode 174

    Yurview Football analyst, Scott Shanle, drops by to talk all things NFL Draft, including how the New Orleans Saints did and which 1st round quarterback is primed for success. We also visit with two basketball trainers helping young hoopers turn professional, before focusing on the important work ...

  • Million Meals Campaign, Barnes Scholarship Fund, Little League | Main St. Living

    Episode 173

    Arvest Bank has launched its two-month long Million Meals Campaign, and Fort Smith Region President Mike Jacimore joins Main St. Living to discuss how Arvest has partnered with community food banks to donate 23 million meals over 14 years. President Rich Barnes of the Barnes Firm is also a guest,...

  • Rhody Excellence, "Buskers" Festival, & The 5-Second Rule Game | Main St. Living

    Episode 172

    The conclusion of March Madness brought a lot of discussion about college athletics, and Stone Freeman joined Main St. Living to discuss his new role leading a Name, Image and Likeness organization for University of Rhode Island student athletes. Tom Gregory also explores a "Buskers" festival in ...

  • Celebrating the Gift of Life: Kidney Donation Awareness Month | Main St. Living

    Episode 171

    With March being Kidney Month, Cecilie Nelson joins Main St. Living to discuss the importance of kidney donation and how it saved her life. Tom Gregory goes to a Cook-Off that benefits the Louisiana Coast, and we check in with Crescent City Retirement Group before capturing some sights and sounds...

  • March Madness, National Hurricane Center, Million Dollar March | Main St. Living

    Episode 170

    The Million Dollar March is taking place on Sunday, March 31st, and its founder Crystal Davis joins Main St. Living to talk about what it means to the community. Also, Cheryl Nelson catches up with Deputy Director of the National Hurricane Center Jamie Rhome, and Vin Parise talks college hoops as...

  • San Diego Science and Engineering Festival | Main St. Living

    Episode 169

    The James M. Cox Foundation donated $100,000 for recent San Diego Flood Victims, and Liz Ramirez, CEO of the Chicano Federation joins Cox VP of Public Affairs Chanelle Hawken on Main St. Living to discuss this important grant. We also look at the Mississippi River Delta Institute, and talk with S...

  • A Black Heritage Month Special | Main St. Living

    Episode 168

    Main St. Living celebrates Black Heritage Month, as author Roshaun Johnson joins to discuss her new book, My Name is Ro Ro, while Landon Vivian from The Barnes Firm takes us through his career as a Trial Attorney. Also, we spotlight a couple of African American museums that help communities disco...

  • Fish for Life, King Cake, and Margaritaville on the Slopes | Main St. Living

    Episode 167

    Celebrating 15 years, Fish for Life is a non-profit that takes special needs children ocean fishing complimentary, and its founder Jim Holden joins Main St. Living. Tom Gregory also visits Randazzo's Camellia City Bakery to find out how to make King Cakes, and Cheryl Nelson takes us inside. Marga...

  • Urban Blooms, Crescent Retirement & Mardi Gras Magic | Main St. Living

    Episode 166

    Southside Blooms is a non-profit flower shop that turns vacant Chicago lots into gardens with the help of at-risk youth and young adults, and its founder Quilen Blackwell joins Main St. Living. Tom Gregory also gives us a feel for Mardi Gras and we look at Crescent City Retirement Group.